May 2020, Han’s Laser Smart Equipment Group deliveries the first laser welding line to Great Wall Motors Co., Ltd. And it is the first collaboration between Han’s Laser and Great Wall Motors. Under challenges and complex economic environment, Han’s Laser spends only 5 months in completing a project to the final delivery.

The welding solutions of the body in white combines spot welding, arc welding, and gluing technology and employ 33 sets of robots to weld the car parts such as the front floor, engine room, rear floor, pedals, front and rear walls, sidewalls, roof, and beams.

Fiber Laser Welding Solutions

“We couldn’t finish this project without collaboration from the Great wall team. Both companies have innovated in this project,” said Flame Chen, CEO of Han’s Laser Smart Equipment Group.

Han’s Laser focus on industrial innovations

Han’s Laser constantly invests in laser technology to accelerate the upgrade of automotive manufacturing relying on its over 20 years of experience in the manufacturing industry. Han’s Laser has also keep eye on the new energy industry and 5G industries, to provide added value for customers in multiple manufacturing cases.