ALUG4020 Laser Cutting FMS


  • G4020MS
  • Automation


ALUG4020MS laser production line is combined with adjusted laser machine tools and flexible manufacturing system, and base on computer management system, making them perfect match. This production line is bases on the system such as CAD/CAM、solid material library、logistic、automatic load and unload、 multiple laser cutting machine and end products pigeonholes.

Advantage description

  1. Fully automatic production, intelligent production management, unmanned systems
  2. Upgraded production processes, increasing entrepreneur management automation level
  3. Decreasing worker’s labor intensity and labor costs, increasing profits of the company

Simultaneous high efficient cutting

This system is with an storage tower with multi-pallets, automatic loading and unloading unit and 3 units of laser cutting machine, when one machine in the entire system failed, the system can still perform operations with those machines that have not failed, in this way to realize uninterrupted high efficient cutting.

Parameter Optional
Layers10Material Platform
Loading weight per layer3T5T for material platform
Warehouse loading speed/Vertical≥5m/min
Warehouse loading speed/Horizontal≥15m/min20m/min for material platform
Quantity of sorting table2Dual-pallet changer system
Loading weight of sorting table ≥3T
Operating speed of sorting table20m/min
ALU horizonal speed 50m/min30m/min for gantry type
ALU vertical speed≥5m/min
Max. thickness for signle board6mm20mm for gantry type

Laser Cutting FMS / Automatic Production Line 3D Animation

Han’s Laser Cutting FMS series has included ALUG4020MS laser cutting FMS, ALUG4020 laser cutting FMS (without automatic material load/unload system), and ALU System for Single G3015 laser cutter. This series is fully-automatic and designed with humanistic thoughts.