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Ladies and Gentlemen,

Thanks for visiting Han’s Laser Smart Equipment Group, we have prepared valuable resources, contains general basics about corporation, laser machineries, services & supports to facilitate your cognition about our product and our corporate culture.

Han’s Laser Smart Equipment Group Co., Ltd. concentrates on the R & D, production and sales of high-power laser cutting, welding, 3D printing , automation, lasers, CNC control systems and functional components, and expecting to be the leading laser processing equipment machinery manufacturer in the market. Thanks to Han’s Laser Group leading by Mr. GAO Yun Feng, whose invaluable supports and orientation has helped Han’s Laser Smart Equipment Group to expand and highly develop as a high market growth laser machinery supplier in laser industry.

In view of the fiercely competitive market, Han’s employee has preparing for the future challenges and believed in “advance with the times”. A constant market growth from past years, we have been experienced a sales revenue of 2 billion RMB in the fiscal year 2016/2017.

The strengthen tie between managing board and our employees motivates us to do even better in the field of research and develop, and also build up a better Han’s Laser Smart Equipment Group for our customers and business partners.

I would like to take this opportunity to express my gratitude to those who has supported and concerned about Han’s Smart over the years. We are moving forward to a smart manufacturing era with advanced products, services and support for our customers.

General Manager of Han’s Laser Smart Equipment Group

Company profile

Han’s Laser Smart Equipment Group is a world-leading laser machinery provider for industrial manufacturing, headquartered in Shenzhen, China. It refers to Han’s Laser Smart Equipment Group holding by Han’s Laser,a company listed on the Shenzhen Stock Exchange on 2004.(stock code:002008).

Our laser cutting portfolio contains basic 2D cutting series, professional pipe cutting series and precision-driving 3D cutting series. The laser welding portfolio contains robot welding station series, laser welding automotive production line, customized laser welding series and standard laser welding station series. Our products are broadly applied to multiple industries including railway communication, automobile, mechanical engineering, elevator, agricultural machines, petroleum production, and package, and sheet metal processing. The products have been sold worldwide in over 40 countries and area.

In order to meet the booming development, first-class machining center (by 360 million RMB investments) and laser cutting, welding, 3D printing application center (by 100 million RMB investments) are strategically built up. Now there are over 120 CNC processing machine tools and high precision detecting devices, and over 1000 sets of high power laser cutting, welding and automation system could be yielded every year. Each machine is strictly labeled by ISO9000-2000, ISO14001-2004, GMC global manufacturer certification and CE certification.


  • Gao Yunfeng established the Shenzhen Han’s Industrial Limited Company and registed its trademark and named its product Han’s Laser.
  • Han’s Laser developed its owned-intelligent-property, the Han’s Laser Mirror Laser-marking for Dos.
  • The YAG Laser Marking Machine Product Enterprise Standard drafted by Gao Yunfeng was officially backed up and the laser product had passed the quality inspection.
  • The YAG Laser Marking Machine Product Enterprise Standard drafted by Gao Yunfeng was officially backed up and the laser product had passed the quality inspection.
  • Dr. Wang Daheng, the Master of the China Optic was invited to visit the factory and give the advice. He was hired as the Sci. & Tech Consultant for Han’s Laser.
  • Han’s laser has smoothly realized its shareholding reform and at the same time established the Shenzhen Han’s Laser Sci. &Tech. Co., Ltd.
  • After verified by DNV, Han’s Laser has passed the inspection of ISO9001:2000 International Quality System Certification.
  • The Shenzhen Han’s Laser Nc Co,. Ltd holding by Han’s Laser established. In Oct. 2002, the first PCB laser drilling machine came out.
  • Mr Wang Zhijiang, the Academician of the Academic Divisions of the Chinese Academy of Sciences, is officially taking the post of Vice CEO and General Engineer of Han’s Laser.
  • The Han’s Laser has been written on the list of Key 20 Enterprises of Canton Province Equipment Manufacturing.
  • New Han’s R&D Building is officially coming into service which means it relocates to Shenzhen, Nanshan District, Science and technology Industrial Park.
  • Han’s laser has been honored as the Top 100 Canton Private Enterprise by Canton Province People’s Government.
  • Han’s Laser issued its stock in Shenzhen Stock Exchange and the abbreviation is Han’s Laser and its stock code is 002008.
  • NDRC, MII, Commerce Department and State Administration of Taxation jointly issued that Han’s Laser has been written on the list of the National Programming Layout Major Software Enterprise List.
  • The linear motor laser cutter equipped with the automatic intellectual property came out.
  • The laser cutter has three major series that are the Gantry Series G, Cantilever B and die cutting M.
  • CEO Gao Yunfeng has received the honor of the 2006 Shenzhen Mayor Award for Entrepreneur.
  • Han’s product has passed the exam of the ISO9001:2000 Quality Management System Certification and the ISO 14001:2004 Environment Management System Certificate.
  • And gain the product authentication certificate Type II of the China Environment Logo.
  • 2000 watt and 2200 watt FAF CO2 laser machine and won the Canton Patent Gold Award.
  • Cutting Division is now officially renamed as the Sheet Metal Equipment Division and ceremoniously entered into the Sheet Metal Equipment market.
  • Initiating the innovation of the introducing the Fiber Laser Cutting Technique, the Third Generation Laser Cutter – Fiber Laser Cutter is now massively coming into the market that will lead the revolution of the cutting technique and usher a new Sheet Metal processing era.
  • The FAF CST2200,CST3300 and CST 4200 CO2 laser became modularized, serialized and standardized which fills in gaps of dozens of domestic technology.
  • And gain the certification of the Application on the International Standard Product Label.
  • And become the AAA Level Credit Status Enterprise.
  • In the field of laser cutting and welding, Han’s Laser won over 30 patents of technical invention.
  • The Chairman of the board, Mr Gao Yunfeng has been awarded as the Shenzhen Special Economic Zone Outstanding Entrepreneur From the Transform and Opening 30 Years and therefore warmly welcome by the General Secretary.
  • Han’s product has achieved the goal of standardization, serialization, modularization and universalization which become the benchmark of the High Efficient Cutting and Welding.
  • There will be mass quantity of Laser Exclusive Pipe Cutter, High Precision 3D Cutting System and AIO Welding and Cutting machine coming into the market.
  • The Releasing of the 15000 Watt Fiber Laser Welding System and the application of the welding on the Medium Thickness Stainless Steel marked the achievement that Han’s Laser get in the field of High Efficient Laser Welding.
  • The Han’s Laser Global Production Base for Laser Processing and Equipment Manufacturing, which owns the construction area of 230,000 square meter, has set up its operation in Baoan District, Shenzhen.
  • The 26 Floor Height Han’s Tech Center Build has been put into service.
  • For an upgrading comprehensive strategic cooperation with IPG, CEOs met in Germany and came to several global strategic cooperation agreements.
  • A full line of products has passed the CE certification and at the same time, these products will come into the European Union Market.
  • The 15000 Watt Fiber Laser Welding Equipment has smoothly pass the customers’ inspection and put into service.
  • Han’s Laser gained the 2011 Annual Shenzhen Top 100 Enterprises”.
  • Han’s Laser has been approved to setup the post-doctor innovative practice base.
  • The Modified Fiber Laser Cutting series model has rapidly occupied the mid-to high end domestic cutting market.
  • The fully automatic laser pipe cutting series equipment has realized the automatic feeding and blanking and would be largely put into market.
  • FMS FLS has realized the interconnection of the cutting machines and the automated feeding and blanking that has the unattended operation and broke out the international monopoly. Now the HF Laser Cutting Machine has entried the Automation line phase.
  • The Fully Automated Cutting Product Line designed by Hans’Laser is successfully delivered to Xuzhou Construction Machinery Group and and totally put into production.
  • The G3015F Fiber Laser Cutting Machine won the prize of the Top 10 Innovative Product Prize. Mr Chen Yi, the Vice General Manager of Han’s Laser and the General Manager of the Han’s Sheet Metal Equipment Division, has the honour to receive the Top 10 Influential Man Prize.
  • It is passed the customers’ acceptance tests, the Overhead Crane Large-Format 3D Welding Machine Tools.
  • The Large Size 3D Multi-layer Surface High Efficiency Laser Welding Technology and Equipment Project has been approved the only 2012 National Scientific Major Projects in Laser Processing Field.
  • The Project Outcome of the HF FAF Laser and the R&D of the Laser Processing and Industrialization has won the 2012 Annual China Industry –University-Research Cooperative Innovation Achievement Award.
  • As the drafting unit, Han’s Laser Sheet Metal Equipment Division drew up the national standard, the Part XIV Safety Manual for the Laser Product, and implemented from June 1st, 2013.
  • The G3015F Fiber Laser Cutter and the P6012T Laser Piper Cutter has been named for the Excellent New Product Prize and the Recommended New Product Prize.
  • The Self-owned Brand CST III CO2 Laser Machine ST3300(3300W)、CST4200(4200W)and CST5000(5000W)soon will be on the market in mass production.
  • It has been successfully developed the automobile cover for the remote laser welding and the working station also has realized the remote stitch laser welding for 2 millimeter double-sided galvanized sheet for Mercedes Benz’s skylight.
  • Mr Chen Yi, the Vice General Manager of Han’s Group and the General Manager of Han’s Laser Sheet Metal Equipment Division has been proved as the 2nd Shenzhen Excellent Talents and the High Level Leading Role Talent Confirmation in Shenzhen
  • Han’s laser has received the honorary title as the Shenzhen Best Quality Key Enterprise.
  • The Han’s Laser G3015f Fiber Laser Cutter gained the Prize of 2013 Top 10 Annual Best Quality Product in China Machine Tool Field.
  • By the end of May of 2014, the installation volume for the Han’s Fiber Laser Cutter has been reached in 1000.
  • lThe Demonstration Pilot for the Intelligent Manufacturing Laser Cutting Machine Tool has successfully been written on the list of the 2015 MIIT Intelligent Manufacturing Pilot Project.
  • lA number of scientific achievements about the laser technology and equipment have successfully passed the evaluation organized by CMIF and CMES.
  • lThe Laser Cutting key technology and series equipment for Plate, the Laser Welding for the special material and the complex curved surface has won the First Prize for Chinese Science and technology of Mechanical Industry.
  • lThe 16 KW Laser Welding Systems, the most efficient system in the domestic market, has realized the welding of the core components of the ITER.
  • In 2016, Premier Li Ke Qiang visited the Han’s Laser factory and gave a praise on China Intelligent Manufacturing and said, “The 2025 Intelligent Manufacture in China will be realized on your hands and it will shine brightly!”
  • The Baoan International Laser Equipment Industrial Base was unveiled and the Laser+ NT$100 billion Industrial Cluster is build up collaboratively by government, colleges and enterprises.
  • The Han’s Laser Sheet Metal Equipment Division is officially renamed as the Han’s Laser Smart Equipment Group.
  • The Han’s Laser has merged the SHENYANG SETWIN INDUSTRY EQUIPMENT CO.,LTD. into the Han’s Setwin Robot Co., Ltd.
  • The Joint R&D Center of Han’s Laser and Hunan University Laser Intelligent Manufacturing was unveiled.
  • The Han’s 8KW HF Fiber Laser Cutting Machine will ceremoniously come into the market.
  • The 16KW Laser Welding Station will put into the ITER Project to reinforce the Laser Welding Manufacturing of the Thermal Load First Wall.
  • The Han’s Laser HF Fiber Cutting Machine will come into the Japanese Market and initiate a new situation.
  • The 2016 Han’s Laser Intelligent Manufacturing New Model Project has received the funds from the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology of the People’s Republic of China. The amount is over 200 million yuan and the name of the project is the Digitalized Workshop Set-up of the High-end CNC Laser Processing Machine Tools and the Core Components Intelligent Manufacturing.
  • The First National Standard enacted by Han’s Laser won the 2015 Annual Shenzhen Scientific Award, the Standard Award.
  • The Han’s Laser has won the title of Shenzhen Top 10 Industrial Robot Enterprise.
  • The General Manager of Han’s Laser Smart Equipment Group, Mr Chen Yi has received the honor of the Influential Man in the Past 30 Years’ Shenzhen Mechanical Development and its Fiber laser cutting machine has been crowned as the Smart Equipment Benchmarking Products.
  • The Han’s Laser Smart Equipment, G3015F Fiber Laser Cutting Machine, has won the Silver Award in China Top Design.
  • The Global Laser Intelligent Manufacturing Industry Base for Han’s Group is recently started to construct that its total construction area is about half a million square meter.
  • The Han’s Laser is now selected as the 8Th Standing Council Unit for the Chinese Optical Society.
  • The Han’s Laser is now signing the strategic cooperative deal with the Central South University.
  • The G3015HF Fiber Laser Cutting Machine is now ceremoniously coming into the market.
  • The self-owned Brand Fiber Laser Cutting Machine has been promoted into the Tsinghua University.
  • The Billboard of 2016 Annual Shenzhen Top 100 Industrial Enterprise has been revealed and on the list is the Han’s Laser for No. 33.
  • Mr Chen Yi, the General Manager of the Han’s Laser Smart Equipment Group gaily gained the honor of the Top 10 Guangdong Rising Businessman and the Shenzhen Quality Gold Medal.
  • FMS Laser Cutting FML gained the honor of the Best 10 Innovative Award issued by Chinese Machine Tool Industry Associations.


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